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Add both elegance and comfort to your home with a heating stove from Clean Sweep Chimney & Stove in Windsor, NY, serving the stove needs of customers throughout Binghamton, Vestal, Endicott, Endwell, Johnson City, Kirkwood, Conklin, Owego, Apalachin and more. We offer a number of options perfect for your lifestyle. Call us to schedule a consultation and learn which stove is right for your home and budget.


A catalytic wood stove system works to reduce emissions. The catalytic combustor burns the smoke, or unburned fuel, within the stove. This generates more heat and less smoke from each chunk of wood. In general, the catalytic models offer you the convenience of a larger firebox and a less active, more even fire. Due to the greater fuel capacity and efficiency, your fuel load lasts longer with less tending. Catalytic stoves are perfect for the serious wood burner looking for steady, long-lasting heat.

Catalytic stove


The non-catalytic system is designed for the blaze-gazing romantic. The high-tech system relies on high firebox temperatures and metered oxygen flow, in order to get the maximum fuel value from each piece of wood. Smoke is literally burned by the heat of the fire itself, within the wood stove's carefully engineered environment. These non-catalytic models are simple to operate and provide the beautiful, dramatic flames that serious fire watchers demand.

Non-Catalytic stove

Blaze King

Blaze King Facts

Superior Engineering

Blaze King Classic Wood Stoves provide optimum heating efficiency from solid wood fuel. When wood is initially burned in the firebox of your stove, as much as one-third of the woods energy is released as gases and liquid/vapor materials. Blaze King catalytic combustor stoves capture these gases and materials and "burns" them instead of allowing this valuable energy source to escape up the chimney. The secondary burn capability means greater heat output and cleaner emissions from the wood consumed. Your overall consumption of wood is reduced while your heat output is increased.

More Heat

Blaze King Classic Wood Stoves have large fireboxes lined with thermo-reactive fire brick that radiates heat directly into the room. They have been tested and certified with an overall efficiency of 82.5% for both the PE1006 and KE1107. For extended bu4rn times, large logs can be used, and up to 90# of wood can be loaded (KE), eliminating the hassle associated with frequent reloading of smaller stoves.

Special Features

A large viewing glass door allows the fire to be seen from different angles in the room, creating an atmosphere of an open fireplace. The warmth and beauty of the fire can be highlighted with the addition of the optional gold plated door.

  • Up to 90,000 Btu's
  • Incredible 82.5% Efficiency
  • Optional Gold Plated Doors
  • 1400 Degree Ceramic Glass
  • Optional Variable Speed Dual Fans
  • Temperature Sensor Turns Fans off/on
  • Mobile Home Approved (All Models)
  • Limited-5 Year Warranty Plus 6 years on Catalytic Combustor
  • Classic Catalytic Stove

UP TO 40 HOUR BURN on one load of wood.

Classics in both form and function, the Blaze King freestanding stoves continue a tradition begun a generation ago.

In addition to comfort and convenience, Blaze King's catalytic stoves give a large, clear view of the fire. The thermostat automatically compensates for the naturally uneven cycles of the burning wood so you get even, comfortable heat.

For the winters ahead, a Blaze King's warmth will fill your home with glowing memories and less work.

Blaze King offers:

  • Clean And Safe
  • Efficient And Durable
  • And Warranted
  • Call Clean Sweep Chimney & Stove for more details.

Catalytic Stoves


Ultra models feature side shields and ash drawer, making them ideal for close clearance applications. The optional Conventional Deck on the Princess is standard on the King model. The taller profile makes loading wood easier.

Ultra Catalytic stove


Parlor models feature shapely black cast iron legs yielding an elegant profile. Optional Gold or Onyx Legs are available. The optional ash drawer design makes ash removal easy. Smooth lines make the parlor design blend into home decor.

Parlor catalytic stove


The Classic model has been a favorite since 1977. Like the Ultra and Parlor models, choose from either a painted door or optional gold plated door. The Dual Jet Air blowers have proven desirable on all models.

Class catalytic stove

King 1107


King Ultra Shown with Optional Gold Door, Side Shields, Ash Drawer & Convection Deck Standard.

With a 4.27 cu ft. firebox, this stove isn't just large but deep, providing safety, the ability to load up to 80 pounds of wood and reduce ash removal intervals. With an 8" flue and an honest to goodness thermostat, the King can burn up to 40 hours on a low setting. Produces up to 47,000 Btu's and efficiencies as high as 82.5%! Blade King's optional dual variable speed fans are available on all King and Princess models and will help to spread the heat throughout your home. Emissions as low as 1.76 gr/hr. Standard painted door can be upgraded to goldplated. An optional fresh air kit is also available.

Princess 1006

Features include a 2.8 cu. ft. firebox and up to 40,000 Btus. The Princess can handle wood up to 16 in length. With a 6 flue and optional dual variable speed fans, the Princess is perfect for medium and small homes. Outside air kit also available, making the Princess 1006 ideal for manufactured homes. Enjoy low burn times up to 20 hours, 82.5% efficiency and emissions as low as 2.42 gr/hr.

Both the King 1107 and the Princess 1006 are available in all three models below.

Pacific Energy

Pacific Energy has constantly challenged, then exceeded the traditional assumptions about wood heat. Our history of innovation is evident in our industry-leading features, our choice of the finest materials, our close eye on environmental responsibility, and our commitment to creating efficient and convenient appliances that fit your style and warm your life.

The result is a series of industry firsts, accomplished through our on-going mission to provide you with the best possible wood burning technology.