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At Clean Sweep Chimney & Stove in Windsor, NY, we service customers in Binghamton, Vestal, Endicott, Endwell, Johnson City, Kirkwood, Conklin, Owego, Apalachin and more with complete chimney sweeping, masonry and restoration services. Our goal is to provide you with superior customer care, knowledgeable service, and great results at an affordable price, whether you simply need chimney cleaning or require more extensive chimney work.

Regular chimney cleaning and maintenance is vital to the safety of your home and family. You might have creosote buildup, a damaged chimney liner, or eroded brick which can easily result in poor ventilation, moisture buildup, and even flue fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Clean Sweep Chimney & Stove offers affordable masonry and chimney/fireplace/stove restoration services designed to protect your home.

In the flue marked A, servicing a fireplace or woodstove, you can see a creosote buildup, cracked and missing liner, and eroded brick and mortar. These conditions may be the result of numerous things: flue fires, an improperly vented appliance, misused wood stove, poor construction, and excessive moisture. With continued use, the chimney presents hazards to the home's occupants, including fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

In the flue marked B, servicing the furnace side of the chimney, you can see how moisture is leaching into the home. Cracked and missing tiles will also lead to carbon monoxide seeping into the house.

Seeing problems on the inside

Bellfires™ Refractory Fireplaces

It's no surprise that conventional fireplaces contribute little to no heat to our homes. A Bellfires refractory fireplace has the heat of a wood stove and the look, feel, and sound of an open fireplace. Contact us today to learn if a refractory fireplace is right for your home.

Important factors to consider and compare:

Conventional fireplace chimneys

  • Bellfires Durability: Industrial grade 70% alumnia high temperature reinforced refractory with stainless steel needles and extra wall thickness makes their firebox virtually indestructible even for the most abusive conditions.
  • Heat Storage: Their refractory liner stores a tremendous amount of radiant heat, allowing firebox temperatures to elevate well above the range of the conventional fireplace. Complete combustion with no visible smoke emitting from the chimney.

Chimney Sweeping

We cover the entire working area during every chimney sweeping to keep your house as clean as it was when we got there. In addition to sweeping the entire flue, our certified technicians carefully inspect your chimney for problems and potential problems.

Chimney and Flue Accessories

  • Custom Firescreens
  • Custom Fireview Stock Doors
  • Custom Arches
  • Gelco® Chimney Tops
  • Decorator Glass and Track
  • Thermo-Rite® Masonry Doors
  • HomeSaver Pro® Caps